Canary Cartel was not planned at all: it came to life almost naturally as a consequence of another venture end.
The most of us was already working together and on late 2017 some lost the sponsor, someone else the job.All what we knew was that we wanted to stick together because we were a tight posse of cool cats.
So Kirschi came with the idea of starting a company and Ozzy immediately joined: since we were about to start a brand we needed a name and a logo. Canary Cartel came from Kirschi because of its great sound and paradoxical meaning.
Ras and Simon jumped in just few weeks later, when there was just an idea, a name and a logo.
Five years later we’re still here, and despite the rollercoaster we went through, we’re growing and the warm welcome we received from distributors, media, riders and friends gave us the strenght to keep going in this thunderstorm.
Your support is very important for us because Canary is made for the people, starting from the park rat spending all the day trying tricks on a single rail to the weekend warrior enjoying every single turn on the snow. 
For every board we dropped, all Cartel member were let free to express himself and the outcome is a patchwork of extremely different styles. We hate labels, and this latest lineup is the proof that Canary don’t want to be pigeonholed: we hope you love it as we do.
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